Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Staff's Story: Catherine Rogers

Highly respected BIS receptionist and coordination assistant Catherine Rogers is a vital asset to our team. When a client reaches out with questions, she provides answers. She offers a "pillar of support" to both clients and interpreters nationwide by providing a bridge to communication.

Born and raised in the DC suburbs, she attended The Catholic University of America to finish school near her closely-knit family after spending her junior year of college studying abroad in England. She graduated in 2013 with her Bachelor's degree in psychology and immediately joined our team.

Catherine RogersCatherine says that after working at BIS for one day, it would have been impossible not to fall in love with the company mission."After working one day it would have been impossible not to fall in love with (the company's mission)… It is extremely gratifying to know that someone has been accommodated and can now easily communicate due in part to the hard work I do," Catherine said.

Outside of the office, she enjoys to read. Although spoken English is currently the only language she is familiar with, she is eager to learn ASL with the encouragement of her co-workers.

According to Executive Vice President, Katrina Rivers Thibodeaux, Catherine Rogers "presents herself in a professional demeanor, is always willing to go above and beyond for her co-workers, and generously accommodates both current and perspective clients". 

We'll occasionally feature a team member here. Come back to see who the next one is!

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