Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why You Should Learn a Second Language

1. Psychological studies from Pennsylvania State University have shown that bilingual individuals are better at multitasking, and also show higher cognitive skills. These individuals were more alert in driving as well as test taking. SAT and GRE scores demonstrate that those who are familiar with more than one language show better understanding of test structure. 

2. Learning is liberalizing! It is easy to find yourself prejudice to other cultures, regions, or ways of life. Familiarizing yourself with a new language can expose you to a worldly mindset, opening up possibilities in travel and experience. 

3. American society is changing. We are, of course, the "boiling pot" of cultures. Whether its a co-worker, neighbor, or family member- we are all exposed to someone who does not adopt English as their native language. Language can be a barrier, but is easily overcome.

4. Several studies have shown that bilingual individuals are less prone to Alzheimer's and dementia. Language simulates the mind, keeping it healthy and young. 

5. Adding a second language to your resumé opens career choices significantly. Professionals take into consideration the advantages of hiring an individual with experience in communicating outside of their primary language. According to the Huffington Post, four out of five jobs in the US are the result of foreign affairs.

6. Vocabulary grows significantly! You will find yourself able to express, rather than stumbling to find what you need to say. A new lingual structure offers the discipline of new words, expressions, and phrases to link back to your native tongue and to grow on. 


  1. Interesting! I have heard that learning a second language helps with test scores significantly. In my former employment, many of the children in elementary school were taught French in half of their subjects. I found this to be very true in their case. However, I never thought about it from the perspective that learning another language helps to open up those career opportunities because the employers feel it's advantageous to hire someone who is fluent in another language. Thanks for the info!

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