Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Drôle. Lustig. Cómico. Funny in any language.

Eddie Izzard, British political activist and notorious comedian, is fluent in 27 world languages. He is currently on an active global "Force Majeure" comedy tour, adored from South Africa to Moscow, Berlin to France, and Cleveland to Kathmandu. 

So how does this expert suggest you go about learning a language quickly and efficiently? He suggests you begin with the romance languages (such as Spanish, French, Italian, or Portuguese) and if possible "immerge" yourself, giving you no other choice but to learn.

"I don't find languages easy but I have a hunger to learn", says Izzard.

So the key? Determination and reiteration.

"Force Majeure" zeroes in on global topics such as history repeating itself. Therefore, most of the tour is translated exactly but, this isn't to say that Izzard reads from a script. In fact, it's the complete opposite. He recognizes the differences in culture that comes along with such a versatile skit.

"There's a chocolate bar called a Curly Wurly, which is kind of beloved in Britain, but they all have Hershey's bars over here [in America]," Izzard admitted. "People can't laugh at things they have no access to or have never heard of."

His tour is not only revolutionary, but also inspiring. It has been deemed "the most extensive comedy tour ever." After all, he has stolen the hearts of 5 continents. Along his way, Izzard makes small talk with fans, requesting they submit videos to Twitter noting interesting facts about their hometowns in their native tongue. His plan for these videos is still ambiguous, but we're sure it will be huge. As a British Labour Party representative, Izzard anticipates the race for London Mayor in 2020. 

"There's a political basis for me to learning other languages, because if we don't come together in the world, then the world is not going to make it". And that's not the only running that Izzard has done… He is proud to have finished 43 marathons in just 55 days! What a catch!

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