Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Five things you may not know about BISVRI...

Five things you may not know about BISVRI! #6: It is a BREEZE to use!
  1. ROOTS IN THE DEAF COMMUNITY: BISVRI is the DC area’s oldest Deaf-owned and operated Video Remote Interpreting service. Going strong since 1997!
  2. USE IT ANYWHERE: If you’re using a device capable of operating wirelessly with a front-facing camera, you can bring your interpreter with you anywhere!
  3. PREFERRED INTERPRETERS ONLY: You can select your preferred interpreters, which are guaranteed for pre-scheduled requests.
  4. PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU USE: You only pay for the actual connection time. For example, this means that if you are waiting for your doctor to come back in the room, you can disconnect from your interpreter. Connect again when the doctor enters the room. No need for the standard two-hour minimum!
  5. NOT LIMITED TO ONE DEVICE: You can call BISVRI from any Windows or iOS device you prefer, even your videophone. You can call us from your existing equipment, or use our proprietary software.
Tell your employer or doctor about BISVRI today. Ask us and we will talk to them for you!

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