Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Columbus Day Workshops

Monday, October 13, 2014

8:30 am – 12:00 pm: “Fingerspelled Word Recognition for Interpreters”
with Carol J. Patrie, Ph.D, CSC, SC:L, CI, CT

Workshop Description: This workshop is designed for interpreters, regardless of the number of years of experience, who usually understand most of the signed message and often struggle with reading  fingerspelled words. This workshop does not include expressive fingerspelling practice.  Topics include:  myths related to fingerspelled word recognition, stress as it relates fo fingerspelled word recognition, cognitive processing and memory as they relate to fingerspelled word recognition, and rapid serial visual processing. The goal is to introduce strategies that will lead to improved fingerspelled word recognition on the first try. This is usually offered in a 9 - 4 workshop. This workshop does not require participants to interpret or to do expressive fingerspelling. It provides a relaxed environment to absorb some fascinating new ideas about improving skills that surround a common stumbling block for interpreters. 

Tuition and CEU: .35 CEU, $45 per person

About Carol: Carol J. Patrie is an author, independent academic and a national and international consultant on interpretation and teaching interpretation. She serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Interpreter Education and The Journal of Interpretation. She is a recipient of the Mary Stotler Award and the Outstanding Graduate Faculty award at Gallaudet University where she was professor and director of the MA in Interpretation.  Patrie is an adjunct faculty member at the University of North Florida and teaches in the newly developed Masters degree in Teaching Interpreting. She is the author of The Effective Interpreting Series and and Fingerspelled Word Recognition through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. When she is not working on writing books, traveling, or teaching, she enjoys working in her glass studio and her extensive gardens.

1:00 – 5:00 pm: “So Many Decisions, So Little Time: Using Demand Control Schema for Ethical and Effective Decision Making”
with Anne Acampora Braun, CI, CT
Workshop Description: As interpreters we have a Professional Code of Conduct which serves as a fundamental guideline to ethical decision making. However, situations are not black and white, making it necessary to analyze the situation quickly and respond accordingly. As experienced interpreters who have dealt with a variety of people, in a variety of situations, our decision making skills become intuitive and often difficult to articulate.  What has become second nature to experienced interpreters is often a stumbling block for less seasoned interpreters. This workshop will help externalize a process of ethical decision making so that we can talk about our decisions with our colleagues or those interpreters just staring out in the field. This will benefit all levels of interpreters and will be extremely beneficial for interpreters who serve as mentors. This is a workshop where you will be challenged to think and discuss sensitive issues, and be active participants in the learning process.  

Tuition and CEU: .4 CEU, $55 per person

About Anne: Anne Acampora Braun has been interpreting professionally since 1994. She holds a CI and CT from RID. Anne obtained a B.A. degree in special education from Southern Connecticut State University in 1986 and a M.A. degree in deaf education from Gallaudet University in 1988. She moved to the DC area in 1997, working as a freelance interpreter in the Metropolitan DC area ever since. Anne has interpreted in various venues including post-secondary education, medical, mental health, government, VRS and community settings. She was employed as a full-time staff interpreter for Gallaudet Interpreting Services from 2001-06. Anne serves as a mentor both formally and informally and has done so for the past ten years. She has also served PCRID as Annual Conference Chair from 1999-2002 and as an Executive Board Member from 2000-04. Anne was an adjunct faculty member at CCBC in the interpreting preparation program. She has studied Demand Control Schema extensively through an online course offered through Project TIEM.  

Tuition and CEU for both workshops: .75 CEU, $80 per person
Location: Silver Spring Civic Center (1 Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD 20910)
Registration Deadline: Friday, October 3rd
Register at: (please put in the name of the workshop(s) you will attend)
Questions? Contact Vanessa Schaffer at
Out of State? Connect online by emailing after you register

There will be coffee and light refreshments, and you will have one hour for lunch on your own.


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