Monday, August 4, 2014

Biz Genius Youth Camp

Last week was the BizGenius Youth Camp at Gallaudet University, where BIS CEO David S. Birnbaum was a presenter and one of the judges for the final competition. The camp invited high school kids from across the country for an intensive week of learning and implementing business ideas. From developing a business plan to creating a logo, and from producing a commercial to negotiating sales, the campers wrapped up the week with a presentation to the judges about their business idea. 

BIS business manager Rachel McConnell also had the honor of participating in the sales negotiations and was in the audience for the final presentations. The sales negotiations included asking BIS for sponsorship and the placement of our logo on the back of their T-shirts. After some negotiation, we decided to sponsor them! 

It was wonderful to see Deaf youth sharpening their business acumen and zeroing onto their passion. We can see how the Biz Genus camp really benefited these kids and are confident that in the years to come, Biz Genius Youth Camp will grow exponentially. 

We can’t say enough how important it is for youth to start learning about business at an early age, since it’s a big world out there. it's never too early to learn about business. As David likes to say, the best way to learn about the business world is to get out there and just do it!

To the Biz Genius Youth Camp staff, thank you for giving BIS the opportunity to be involved and for allowing us to meet some future leaders of the deaf community! To the campers, we are so proud of you and expect to see great things from you in the future!

In the videos below you can see a snippet of David's presentation, and two brief interviews with him.

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