Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Wednesday?!?

Happy humpday, y’all. We are crawling across the middle of the week like soldiers in no-man's land. What are your midweek celebrations? Or is there a midweek crisis, splurging on a $30 lunch at the fancy steak place down the street, a metaphorical divorce from your sad salad?

Let us stay the hand of desperate indulgence, and instead mind our work. Here are some tips to staying focused:

Don’t read blogs. Okay, everyone slips up now and then.

Remind yourself that this is your livelihood, a word that contains lively in it, so act accordingly.

A workday is only a matter of time, and what is time but a flat circle? Circles are so EASY.

Okay that’s enough for now. Back to work people!


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