Monday, February 22, 2016

Return of the Red-eye

Apologies for the absence, friends. BIS has been super busy preparing for work ahead. Yet you can rest assured that this means we are on top of our game.

We know you have to catch up on all those emails, some of which you might’ve let linger into Friday’s dusk, to hide in the night of the coming weekend. That Monday sun is revealing, isn’t it? So get you some red-eye java, and here's a little something to kickstart your day:

In addition to Facebook, check us out on Twitter. We recently posted an article about a lawsuit against Arizona, to assimilate texting into their 9-1-1 calls. It is 2016. Despite the leaps and bounds made in the name of disabilities advocacy, emergency calls should not remain on the backburner. Let’s get this done.  

More coming this week, so stay tuned!


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